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Self contained energy recovery system

• 1,000 - 75,000 PPM Treatable Range
• Microgrid/Solar compatible
• 12 gallons per minute minimum
• Autonomous pressure and flow control


Our proprietary technology utilizes centrifugal force to generate the osmotic-pressure needed to safely and efficiently clean brackish or saline water.

Eden can achieve this without the need for advanced energy-recovery systems. Making our system more capable and efficient than other products on the market.

What is Brackish water?

"Brackish water", or "Brack water", wells or sources are a naturally occurring water-body that maintain a salinity (salt-content) that is higher-than freshwater, but less-than seawater. Brackish water sources are commonly observed in estuaries, or areas where freshwater bodies and seawater bodies meet. Additionally, Brackish wells have also been identified in wetlands-areas and in underground pockets of water, or fossil aquifers.

Superior Technology


≤ Total Water Recovery


≤ 15% Increase in Fresh Water Generation

Eden Technologies is currently focused on cleaning brackish water sources to expand clean water access within indigenous and rural communities. Addressing these brackish water sites allows Eden to not only help communities, but expand product understanding. This strategy grants Eden the ability to naturally grow into larger industrial spaces more efficiently.